August Wilson Center LAB


The AWC Lab has been made possible and continues to evolves thanks to numerous artists and individuals who are committed to making Pittsburgh a viable place for all artists through acts of critical inquiry and expression.

AWC Lab Leadership Committee: Liana Maneese, Michael David Battle, Joy KMT, Anqwenique Wingfield, Darrell Kinsel, Julie Mallis, Lauren Goshinski

Project Manager: VIA, Lauren Goshinski

Logo: Jayla Patton

Workshop Team: Erin Oldynski, Jayla Patton, Ashanti, Naomi Chambers (TechShop), Nina Barbuto, Jess Gold, Justin McMaskill, Ariel Barlow (Assemble), BoXZY

Production Team: VIA - Eileen Angulo, Allison Cosby, Naeem Martinez-White, Juan Augusto Lafontaine, Madeleine Campbell

CMU support / student contributors: Golan Levin, Tom Hughes, Ava Kling, Dan Moore, Kabir Mantha, Kevin Ramser, and exhibiting artists Kasem Kydd, Lauren Valley, Zaria Howard, and Becca Epstein.

August Wilson Center / Pittsburgh Cultural Trust: Joanna Obuzor, Gerald Stevens, Devonne Goode, Sarah Aziz

Technical Production: Flyspace

The AWC Lab was made possible with support from The Pittsburgh Foundation August Wilson Center Grant with additional support from New Sun Rising..