August Wilson Center LAB

Black Soul Rejuvenation Library

 The Black Soul Rejuvenation Library is contributing a wing to the Dead Drop Library in collaboration with Iyapo Repository.

The Black Soul Rejuvenation Library is an online and offline platform to archive works of literature, music, art, movies, videos, anything, that contributes to the rejuvenation of the black soul.  A resource and space for rejuvenation created by the people. The Black Soul Rejuvenation Library also hosts worshops, talks, and ventures into creating safe spaces for POC. The library is collected and archived by Kasem Kydd. Rejuvenation is key when we are bombarded by digital information that can be detrimental to the souls of black people & people of color of all backgrounds. When confronted with the pain of life online, or IRL, rejuvenation from those around you can be extremely important. You do not have to make anything to submit to the Black Soul Rejuvenation Library, the resources already exist. What is more important to the black soul than liberation and rejuvenation ?