August Wilson Center LAB

Adopting Identity

Adopting Identity is spearheading the Youth Residency track of the AWC Lab. Adopting Identity is founded and run by Liana Maneese.

We have the right to explore where we came from, our cultures and our identities while simultaneously living and loving our day to day experience.

We recognize that our very ambiguity makes the general public uncomfortable. Our very selves force people to have to change their monolithic views on what identity means in conjunction with their own ability to grow and be compassionate.

Critical engagement, coupled with empathy is what is necessary to truly relate and understand any situation or subject. This process is crucial to the “other”, in this case people of color in trans+multi+racial families (sometimes through adoption), truly being comfortable in their communities instead of just simply tolerated.

This is what we at Adopting Identity seek to do, to take “inclusion and diversity” and the struggle for identity a step further. This is about no longer having to silence ourselves for the comfort of others. Being curious and seeking for, and understanding ourselves does not make us disrespectful or ungrateful and we will no longer accept such a burden.